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Q. How do I get my photos to you?

A. When you have booked we'll email you an invitation to your Client Dropbox folder - simply copy your images into the folder and we'll receive them automatically


Q. I don't/can't use Dropbox, is there another way to send them to you?

A. Sure. Go to https://wetransfer.com FREE option - click 'Add your files' to select your photos then send


Q. My photos were taken using a mobile phone, will they be okay to use?

A. Usually yes, but email one to us first and we'll let you know


Q. What resolution will my final images come back as?

A. It all depends on the resolution/size of the photos you send us. As standard we will try to place them on a square white background and depending on the sizes you send us, these can be 2000x2000, 3000x3000, etc





Q. What cameras do you use?

A. We use Nikon professional camera bodies, from the D610 (24.3MP), to the D800 (36.3MP) and the D850 (45.7MP)


Q. Is your clipping (cutting out) accurate?

A. Extremely. Unlike most, all clipping is processed using Photoshop's Pen Tool to deliver the most precise cut outs possible


Q. Can I send you some images for a free test?

A. Nope. Unfortunately around 5 years ago we delivered a lot of free 'evaluations', which turned out to be people taking advantage of us simply to finish the last bits of their collections, so we no longer offer free tests/examples


However, if you want to see our quality first, you can book a 'Try Us' Offer - we'll deliver 5x product photos or 5x existing photo clip/retouch, for just £14.99+vat - you can book this HERE



Q. How do I get my products to you?

A. When you have booked we'll email you an email with shipping details. Simply ship/post your products to us by signed-for delivery to arrive the day before your shoot slot. We will return ship the day after your shoot slot


Q. How do you return our products? Is shipping free?

A. We return ship by RM Special Delivery or Courier (depending on the size of the shipment). Both are tracked and signed-for and are not free - they are charged at-cost


Q. I would like my products photographed a certain way or angle, will you do this?

A. Sure. Once you have booked our Head of Creative will contact you to discuss available dates for your shoot and also your shoot brief


Q. What resolution will my final images come back as?

A. All our product images are delivered as high resolution JPEG's at a resolution of 6000x6000 pixels







1. You book the number of images you require

2. Accounts will email you your pro-forma invoice

3. As soon as your invoice is settled, our Head of Creative will contact you to discuss available dates and where to ship (if applicable)

4. Within 24 hours of your shoot you will be emailed your Contact Sheet in PDF format. You reply letting us know the numbers of the images you want us to process (clip/retouch) - you will have choices as we almost always overshoot to give the client multiple options

5. As soon as we receive your chosen final image numbers we arrange for return shipping and its pro-forma

6 Within 5 working days you will receive your final high resolution images

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